Mindful Mandalas

Meditate, Relax, Develop, Improve.
Reconnect to your inner self, find your true You,
Know and transcend yourself!

How can I practice mindfulness?
August 13, 2018


Block some of your time. It can be anywhere really and you surely don’t need a custom pillow or dedicated practice room. Whether you are sitting or standing does not matter. Just block some time and dedicate it to mindfulness.

Be here

You are “now”. Let’s work on the “here”. Whether in transport or …

August 10, 2018

Your attention is on the present.

Observe your thoughts and feelings. Do not judge. There is no good or bad in here, right now.

Stop the flow of  life, you now live in this moment. Grasp it, feel it, experience it.

You are awaking. Neither the past nor the future matter.

This is now, this …



Consider your place a haven of serenity and peace.
You are one and all in here.
Find yourself back at let go all other unimportant things.
You are happy, you feel good.
Where from, where to?

The Mandala Room - Relax and Meditate

Pause or stop for a moment. How long is now?


Download Mandalas

If you wish to take away a bit of beauty with you, a sample of harmony, an extract of wholeness, download visual mandalas from the below galery.

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Get your own Mandala

You can order a stunning printed version of those mandalas.

Coming in two sizes (Large 150 cm x 90 cm and Compact 80 cm x 60 cm), these high quality prints will enlight the room you put them in.
Whether you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in a meditation room or impress and inspire business partners in a meeting room, mandala prints will nicely enhance your setup.

Choose your mandala design from the gallery.

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